" A man whose limbs had been bound from birth, but who
had nevertheless found out how to hobble about, might
attribute to the very bands that bound him his ability to
move" Errico Malatesta 1907.

That's right citizens, it's in the interest of those who control the media to present media technology as an immaculate organic product of social evolution. As if one evening Marconi invented the radio, housed his mechanism in an attractive bakelite cabinet and tuned into the latest jazz combo on the BBC Home service. But hold on! If Marconi invented the radio then there couldn't have been any radio stations to tune into!!

Exactly....all the early radio sets were transmitters as well as receivers - it was only after the British State outlawed
transmission and monopolised broadcasting with the BBC that the airwaves were silenced. Same thing with cinema- it wasn't always 90 minute feature films in dark auditoriums, cinema started out at fairgrounds and as an act on the music hall. That's right, every time a liberatating technology comes along it gets industrialised, professionalised and legislated out of
reach. This time we've got the camcorder, the internet and desktop publishing, it's going to be hard to close down but they will try.
So be vigilant!

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